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    For about 40 years, Prototype & Test Center has been providing assistance to its customers with a complete range of services from prototyping, test engineering & tests.

    Prototype & Test Center supports its customers with cost effective solutions thru all steps in the development process from test strategy to in flight Certification.

    This Test Center relies on core values that contributed to its success : on-time delivery, agility, know-how, with the leading players in aeronautical structures such as Airbus, Bombardier, Dassault, Embraer, Pilatus, ...

    The long-history of expertise developed by Prototype & Test Center is now available to the automotive, railway, military, space and wind industry.

    With more than 30.000 ft² of dedicated test facilities, Sonaca's Prototype & Test Center has more than 30 engineers and technicians on Gosselies' facility (Brussels South) in the heart of Europe. Testing facility is AS9100 accredited.

  • Services

    Prototype manufacturing (metallic, composite, hybrid)

    Prototypes Manufacturing

    Manufacturing and assembly of your hybrid metal/composite specimens or full-scale structures for transportation applications, from preliminary study to serial standard delivery

    • Proactive integrated team
    • Manufacturing of composites specimens
    • Specialists in instrumented sub-components
    • On time guaranteed prototype delivery
    • CAO - GPAO - SAP supports

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    R&D mechanical test (ASTM, tensile, compression, bending, shear modes)

    R&D Mechanical Testing

    Mechanical Testing Services, from International Standards to specific customer challenges

    • Efficient in customized testing
    • Experimented team
    • On-schedule delivery
    • Wide capacity in international standards testing
    • High quality engineering reports

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    Instrumentation & measurement (strain, pressure, temperature, noise)

    Instrument​ation & Measurement

    Enhancing your end-to-end instrumentation & measurement requests from design to R&D, industrialization and structures at serial standard

    • Certified expert teams
    • Innovative and pro-active specialists
    • More than 30 years experience
    • Last generation measurement equipment
    • Instrumentations of all kinds

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    Development & certification (static, fatigue, endurance, damage tolerance)

    Development & Certification Test Center

    When development and structural testing meet cleverness

    • Acknowledged team expertise
    • Large scale fully adaptable test set-up
    • Huge variety of sensors
    • Static, fatigue, damage tolerance tests
    • Advanced measurements Know-how in System testing

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    On-line test monitoring (data acquisition)

    Computer-aided solutions

    From thorough analysis of your computational lab challenges

    to meaningful IT-solutions

    • R&D agile IT support
    • Robust Software
    • Wide range of innovative IT solutions
    • Real Time acquisitions and signal treatment
    • Efficient personalized approach

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  • Competences

    Advanced structures (optimized mass, strengths, inertia)

    Advanced structures

    When your next product needs an enhanced structural solution, we rely on our know-how and long term experience to optimize your weight-costs-stability-reliability &life-assessment.


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    Expertise (validation, qualification, characterization)

    Material & Process Expertise

    When your next products need Material & Process selection & qualification up to Qualification Test Plans and Certification handbooks.

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    Advanced systems (flow, vibration, mechanism

    Advanced systems

    We offer you an outstanding performance capability for extremely resilient solutions, complex mechanisms and anti-icing systems.

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    Innovation (ideation, lean startup method)


    Manufacturing of prototypes and testing are part of the smart Innovation loop. Within a “Lean Startup” mindset, our teams are trained to lead ideation worshop and drive development of new idea till implementation of new business.

    Also at your premises with your teams.

    CSI² (impact, ballistic, simulation)

    Complete Structural Impact Innovation

    Complete Structural Impact Innovation provides full assistance to its customers with cost-effective solutions from Design to Prototyping up to Certification tests supported by numerical simulations.

    CSI² supports its customers thru all steps in the development process related to foreign object (bird, hail, gravel, tyre and metallic débris) or ballistic impacts from test strategy to Certification.

    This Service has already satisfied the leading players in aeronautical structures such as Airbus, Airbus Military, Bombardier, Embraer, Dassault-Aviation, Pilatus.

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  • Capabilities

    Prototype manufacturing (CNC milling, turning, granite table)

    Prototypes Manufacturing

    • Prototype Manufacturing: 450 m² [4840ft²]
    • CNC specimens cutting
    • 4 conventional milling machines, up to : 6,50 m [21 ft]
    • 1 conventional turning lathe
    • 1 granite table for Assy and control : 15 m² [160 ft²]
    • Direct access to all Sonaca machines processes, welding area and expertise

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    Environnemental & fatigue testing, material characterisation

    R&D Mechanical Testing

    • R&D laboratory : 250 m² [2700 ft²]
    • 8 test machines, up to : 500 kN [112000 lb]
    • Fatigue testing up to 50 Hz
    • Impact test bench, up to : 130 J [95 lb.ft]
    • Test conditions : -150°C to +300°C
    • Moisture conditioning : 600 L
    • Metallography : 100 m² [1000 ft²]

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    bundle of strain gauges

    Instrumentation & Measurement

    • Instrumentation Lab : 250 m² [2700 ft²]
    • Dielectric strength tests bench : 50 m² [540 ft²]
    • Flow & vibrations test benches : 250 m² [2700 ft²]
    • Data loggers, up to : 180 channels

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    Multi-actuator static & fatigue loading of sub-component or full-scale

    Development & Certification Test Center

    • 3 Structural test benches : 1400 m² [15000 ft²]
    • 2 system test benches : 200 m² [2150 ft²]
    • #max of strain gauges : 450 (5x90)
    • # of large structural tests : 9
    • Max jacks / test : 16 + 22
    • 45 actuators, up to : 300 kN [74200 lb]
    • Direct access to all Sonaca NDT machines, processes and expertise

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    On-line test monitoring and reporting

    Computer-aided solutions

    • NI LabWindows/CVI, C/C++
    • Sybase Power Builder, Java
    • VBA (Office 2010)
    • SQL Server, Oracle

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    Thermal Cycling and Thermal Vacuum Testing for Space

    • Suitable for microsatellite and space equipment
    • Thermal Cycling chamber (max. 390 mm) for life testing (-130 °C to 130 °C)
    • High Vacuum Thermal Chamber (max. 500 mm) (-160 °C to 180 °C)
    • ISO8 Cleanroom Access to/from chambers

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    Proven experience in Static, Fatigue & Endurance Testing

    • BizJet Movable & Fixed Leading Edge (structure & mechanisms)
    • Single aisle Civilian Aircraft Movable & Fixed Leading Edges (structure & mechanisms)
    • Twin aisle Civilian Aircraft Moveable Leading Edges (structure & mechanisms)
    • Regional Jet Movable Leading Edges (structure & mechanisms)
    • Regional Jet Fixed Leading Edges
    • BizJet Wing composite Flap & mechanisms
    • Space Large 3D woven structure
    • Railway infrastructure vibrations real-time acquisition
    • Car manufacturing specific tooling optimization
    • Satellite platform structural integrity
    • Proof Load Testing

    Proven experience in System Testing

    • Wing anti-icing bleed optimizations
    • Wing electro-thermal anti-icing development
    • Wing Leading Edge Bird Strike
  • News

    Insdustrie Fair In Paris


    The Industrie fair in Paris next week (@https://www.linkedin.com/in/salonindustrie/) is the opportunity to meet Sonaca Engineering, Prototype & Test Center head on the 28th.
    You are in need of prototyping and ground testing services, get in touch with @jean.louis.magerman as we offer a whole range of agile engineering services to support Development, Testing & Certification.

    Nosso novo site em português

    Antes de nossa participação nas várias feiras no Brasil, a equipe da PTC tem o prazer de divulgar o nascimento de seu site em português.
    Dedicado a mostrar o nosso know-how, aproveite descobrindo do nosso mundo de prototipagem e testes.



    coupon routing

    Comprehensive support to Embraer’s R&T

    Our Prototype & Test Center has completed a significant test campaign of hundreds of coupons to support the R&T department of our Customer EMBRAER (Brazil).
    The performance extended from the initial steps of Material Procurement and Test specifications writing, procurement through manufacturing of composite plates, routing, fasteners installation of test coupons, testing up to delivery of laboratory test reports with Engineering conclusions and lessons learned.
    The numerous single lap joint coupons, covering different configuration of adherents (metallic, ATL laminates and hybrids) and fasteners, have been tested in static and fatigue conditions, with the attendance of Embraer representative.
    Embraer did benefit from PTC experience in project management and agility in full compliance with requirements.
    The high level of quality and support of Sonaca Engineering Services was clearly expressed by this major aircraft OEM during and after completion of the activity.

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    Fast delivery of fittings, at flight standards

    As part of SONACA ENGINEERING SERVICES, the PROTOTYPE CENTER delivered a set of eleven fittings to COEXPAIR (Belgium), in order to equip the innovative architecture of a Nose Landing Gear door concept, co-developed with SAFRAN SYSTEM AEROSTRUCTURES (France).

    Within only a few weeks, the challenge was here to deliver the whole set of metallic fittings used in the door actuation system line, at flight condition standards.

    Main phases were Material purchasing, 5 axis Machining, Surface Treatment and Painting, Identification, and delivery of all the certificates of conformity required by the customers and Aviation Authorities.

    Flight test is announced for October/November 2017, and will be managed by DLR (Germany).

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    CNC cutting machine

    The Prototype Center is proud to present its new CNC cutting machine equipped with a 800 x 600 mm² vacuum table.

    This allows to offer a competitive service in test specimens and small 2D parts manufacturing.

    CFRP, GFRP, other Plastics or metallic sheets are kinds of materials that are usually machined.

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    Aeromart Toulouse 2018

    December 04 - 06, 2018

    Toulouse, France

    International Business Convention
    for the Aerospace Industry


    Save the date. We shall be there to serve your future.

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    Prototype & Test Center

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    Sonaca Group

    Sonaca's strategy is to become a leading Tier-1 and Tier-2 player in Aerospace by leveraging its distinctive technical expertise and longstanding partnerships with customers and suppliers.

    Sonaca will achieve this through customer focus, innovation, operational excellence, and selected partnerships all in the service of providing our customers with the most competitive and reliable product offering available. Sonaca's core focus continues to be Aerostructures - in particular wing skins and moveables where it is the world leader - but also other Aerostructures, Space, Military, and Engineering.



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